[Bug Fix (Crasher)] Files with Two-Byte (e.g. Japanese) File Names:

Files with two-byte file names (e.g. "テスト の Picture.jpg") no longer crash on import. Thanks to Fabio for reporting this.

[Bug Fix (Crasher)] Multiple Files Dragged To App Icon in Dock:

Dragging more than one file on to the MemoryMiner app icon in the dock no longer crashes the app. Thanks to Jan for reporting this.

[Bug Fix (Crasher)] Changing Library Owner:

Changing the owner of a library could sometimes crash the app. This has been fixed.

[Bug Fix] Canon RAW EXIF Date Formatting:

Some Canon RAW photo images have EXIF dates that include milisecond data, which is different from the published standard. MemoryMiner now properly converts this data to proper dates in the database. Thanks to Hans for reporting this.

[Bug Fix] Time Slider Now Much Smoother:

A problem with scrolling/adjusting the time slider, particularly when displaying months/days has been fixed. The symptom was "stuttering", and when reaching the beginning or end points of a date range. Thanks to Hans for reporting this.

[Bug Fix] Collection Sort Order Respected in Local Export:

When using the Export function (as opposed to Collection Publishing), the sort order is respected. For those users who wish to create a web export for a collection that they which to view locally, this is particularly helpful. Thanks to Joseph for reporting this.

[Enhancement] Bulk Thumbnail Regeneration Improved:

Right- (or ctrl-) clicking on the Contact Sheet brings up a context menu which lets you re-generate the thumbnails for the currently selected photo(s). This has now been made much more memory-efficient process that can be cancelled. After choosing this menu, a modal panel appears showing each photo being processed, along with a progress bar and Cancel button.