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Sharing Stories

MemoryMiner offers many ways to share the stories contained in a library:

Saving a Copy of the Library

MemoryMiner automatically saves any changes made to the library as you use it, but to save space, MemoryMiner leaves imported photos in their original locations. In order to share your library with others, you will want to make a self-contained library. You can save a copy by using "Save As New Library" from the File menu.

Save As Sheet

Any settings made in this save dialog do not affect the old library. After saving, the new library will be opened.

Due to changes in the library format between MemoryMiner versions, you may not be able to read a newer version's library in an older version. You are encouraged to use the latest version of MemoryMiner available. When MemoryMiner opens an older library, it must automatically convert it to the latest format.

Saving a non-bundle library copy for Windows

If you need to export a copy of your library as a single file compatible with the Windows version of MemoryMiner, use "Export Library Archive" from the File menu instead. A Save dialog will appear with most of the options described above, allowing you to export your library in a single-file archive format.

Exporting Photos with a Web Viewer

Export Button While sending libraries to others is very useful, they require a copy of MemoryMiner to use. By exporting the photos in a Web Viewer, anyone can look at a whole story with just a web browser. MemoryMiner can save this viewer to a folder in your computer, and can even automatically upload it to your MobileMe account or an FTP acount on another website. To begin, either click the Export button in Photos mode, or choose "Export/Upload Story" from the Photos menu item.

Export sheet


When changing the Configuration group's Publish to Server setting, a secondary sheet will show Upload Host Configuration options.

Export to FTP

To ensure the information is set properly, use the Test Configuration button. If everything is properly set, text should appear similar to the image below:

Successful test

Remember to select Upload folder when export complete (described above) to use these settings during export.

Publishing Collections with a Web Viewer

Publish Button Collections can be shared in a very similar way as exporting photos. MemoryMiner remembers the location of a published collection, which brings two benefits over just exporting photos: you can easily view the published collection using its link, and the collection's RSS feed helps MemoryMiner update only the items changed since the collection was last published. The Publish sheet has only a few differences from the export window described in detail above.

Export sheet

Uploading Photos to Flickr

Upload Button Flickr support allows for uploading not just photos, but the comments and associations with them. To upload to the Flickr account, click the Upload button in Photos mode.

If MemoryMiner has not been authorized to upload to Flickr, a web page will be brought up to let you allow this. Follow the instructions provided by Yahoo!'s Flickr service to complete this step.

Authorize page

Once authorized, you can go back to MemoryMiner and use the options available in the upload sheet.

Upload sheet

If you want to upload to a different account, click the Remove Authorization button and you will be prompted to re-authorize as described above.

After you click Upload, JPEG copies of your photos will be uploaded to Flickr. Your original photos are not converted or resized. MemoryMiner remembers which photos have already been uploaded, and only updates them as necessary.