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MemoryMiner is fully usable as a demo for 21 days from its first run. Afterwards, it must be registered for a small fee, which can be paid via credit card or PayPal. (Contact MemoryMiner's friendly support staff for purchase orders or other payment options.) After payment is received, a license key file will be sent to your email address.

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While MemoryMiner is still unregistered, the program will remind you when it starts up. The Buy button will open a web page from which you can purchase a registration key for MemoryMiner.

Go to the Purchase web page

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After the demo period has expired your library data is kept, but you will only have the option to register or quit. Like before, the Buy button will load up a web page from which you can purchase a MemoryMiner registration key which will let you use your libary again.

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Once you have purchased a registration key, a license file will be sent to the email address you entered while purchasing. To register, simply double-click this .mmlic file to open it in MemoryMiner. You will then be able to continue enjoying MemoryMiner.

Thank you for your purchase!

If you have problems with MemoryMiner that aren't addressed in these help pages and the online videos, you can contact support via email or using the "Send Feedback" item in the MemoryMiner menu. A friendly human being will be in touch as soon as possible, typically within one business day.

Go to the Contact web page

Email Support in English: support@memoryminer.com

Support Technique Email en Français: support-fr@memoryminer.com French flag